A Mission To Quench The Thirst Of Telangana

August 4th, 2016

On seventh of August, The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made his first authority visit to the Telangana state. Amid the visit, he dispatched the Telangana state government’s leader water venture mission Bhagiratha at the Gajwel area.

The mission of this mammoth undertaking is to supply spotless, drinkable water to all the provincial family units in Telangana. The Rs. 35000 crores worth venture covers pipeline associations laid crosswise over one lakh 26 thousand Km stretch. The administration at first has endorsed Rs. 4,000 crores for the 2015-2016 budgetary year. The task was planned by Panchayat raj, Rural Development and the Rural Water Supply Department. According to the task outline, each individual in the rustic town will be supplied with 100 liters of water. The person from the urban territories will get 150 liters of water supply. The undertaking stresses on tending to the dry season and Fluorosis emergency in rustic Telangana. The venture covers 25,000 country natural surroundings alongside 67 urban territories.

The idea of Mission Bhagiratha

For the present, the Telangana water matrix is relying upon the water assets accessible from the two enduring waterways moving through the state; Krishna and the Godavari. The water matrix arrangement is to use 34 TMC of Godavari water and 21.5 TMC of Krishna water. The venture likewise incorporates diverting the water assets from Srisailam, Sriram Sagar venture, Komuram Bheem Project, Jurala Dam, Paleru Reservoir and The Nizam Sagar venture. The state level matrix venture is logically intended to utilize the regular slope any place conceivable and pump water to the 26 inward networks that supply the water through the pipelines. The task has the real trunk pipelines covering a separation of around 5000 Km. Another 50,000 Km will be utilized to fill the administration tanks in the neighborhood natural surroundings for the capacity. Extra 75,000 Km pipeline system will supply the drinking water to the houses in the towns.

Mission Flouride

Telangana is a recently framed state with its offer of the granulating issues. The drinking water is still a noteworthy issue for the rustic people in the state. The general population, especially in the rustic regions were compelled to devour the ground water which has large amounts of fluoride. A late review uncovered that greater part regions in Telangana barring Hyderabad have ground water that contains have a place the allowable levels of fluoride nearness. The Bhagiratha venture will be an abundantly anticipated sprinkle of new water for the general population of Telangana which pumps in clean water from the Krishna and Godavari stream through the water framework venture. The administration has guaranteed that the task covers all the fluorosis influenced zones guaranteeing appropriate water associations. Telangana was one of the states that had extreme dry spell. The substantial scale water supply will settle the dry spell issues in all the real farming belts.

Brilliant Water Grid

The humungous Water Grid undertaking will utilize a country moving way breaking innovation. The review of the venture will be led by utilizing the Advanced Light Detection and Ranging Technology. The water driven displaying programming is utilized to decide the details of the pipelines.

The state administration of Telangana is receiving the worldwide guidelines to execute the mammoth undertaking. By instigating the innovation, the administration needs to enhance the coordination and spotlight on upgrading the HR. The legislature will take after the turn-key venture, which means the associations who are executing the tasks are in charge of the support too.

Once the venture is finished, it is normal that more than 140 towns will have an answer for the water lack. The mission Bhagiratha is a progressive task which will guarantee the condition of Telangana is Fluorosis and dry season free state.

Atluri Sriman Narayana is an Indian dental specialist, a previous Professor of Dental Surgery in Government Dental College, He established the Sai Oral Health Foundation, under the aegis of which he makes week after week excursions to the rustic ranges of the state, His endeavors are accounted for to have achieved 1.5 million youngsters in 20,000 schools. He was regarded again by the Government of India in 2002, with the fourth most noteworthy India regular citizen of padmashri.